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Marcella Sloan Vendetta Five Minute Sin
Duke City Swampcoolers
Cafe Jazzed
Marcella Sloan
Sankara Last Call Los Garrapatas
Roberto Griego Picoso Stem Ivory
Steve Klenke Red Wine Richard Martin
Marcella Sloan Riverside Jass Trio Robbie Jude
Jimmy Abraham MacM Yolanda Martinez
Romano Enrique Duke City Swampcoolers Georg Cocron
Sid Hausman and Washtub Jerry Church of the Risen Savior Shaylor Alley
Shirly Clapton Keith Kornfield Spencer Doty
Saddlesores Jacob Decimus Silvia Lazo
Eagle Rock CD Lewis Spring Chris Lee
Emily Tanenbaum Isaac Castle Tony Brazis
Brother Dave Los Garrapatos Sanchez
McBluntmaster Eagle Rock CD M4
Eagle Rock CD Cole Mitchell Persephone
Rudy Boy DSC Mystic Vic
DSC DSC Ricky Colon
Eagle Rock CD Isaac Castle Gary Leal
DSC Rocky DiSanti Siyeric
Anythm Black Eagle Picoso
Emmaus Kevin Hughes Lupe Pena
Ricky Colon Risen Savior Sonrisas
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Progressive Language
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Tony Brazis   Silverbird